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Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Free


Two fun logic games for preschool kids ages four-years old and up with 12 nice, colorful pictures. In both puzzles, your kid has to assemble a whole picture from the allotted tiles. In the first one, the child rotates the tiles, and in the second by placing the tiles in their correct places.The games are great for developing logical reasoning and spatial intelligence in children. The bright graphics are optimal for small children, and the engaging, smart and surprisingly addictive mechanics of these popular puzzles will keep your son or daughter occupied and quiet for hours, while also training their cognitive processes the fun way.
Three Difficulty Levels:Easy (kindergarten, ages 4-5 years old)Normal (preschoolers / preparation to school, ages 5-6 years old)Hard (ages 7 years and up)
These educational games help to develop intellectual abilities (IQ), logic, concentration, imagination, visual memory and other brain functions in children. If you want your kids to be intelligent and successful in elementary school and seek out pedagogical apps ("edutainment") that can improve children's learning skills, you will find this application very useful.
Parents or teachers can easily download and install the game on an Android tablet or smartphone from Google Play.